Welcome to Aurora Batty’s Books

Allow me to introduce Aurora Batty, that’s me! As a reader I like pretty much a little bit of everything! I do find myself drawn toward romance, young adult and fantasy literature. And yes I am a Potterhead! Besides reading I have a few other hobbies like photography, coloring and geocaching. I am of an undisclosed age 😉 and married with two step kids and two boys of my own whom i stay at home with. They are my Sun. I love my family and my very extended family, which includes my best friend in the whole world(you know who you are). I have had my fair share of ups and downs, though why they call it fair I don’t really know seems unfair to me. I have a great concern for our planet and fully believe in peace and coexistence. I have may fears done greater than others and some may just be plain paranoia. But enough about me, about my blog…. This blog I devote to my love of books. I will share what I’m reading, may mention an idea or thought about said read as I progress, especially if there is a surprising twist! Then I will most definitely leave a review here there and everywhere (social media, right!). I may also promote new releases from authors that i follow around, you guessed it, social media! As I do love to take pictures I may blog a photo or two totally related to the all mighty book! I like memes too, maybe I will add a page dedicated to bookish memes. Peace Love & Batty’s Books