Reported Missing


This book is hard for me to peg down completely. It is a good story but it definitely had its weaknesses. I had trouble staying engaged in this book so it took me 12 day to complete.

The synopsis of this psychological thriller:

Rebecca’s life is a mess and her husband is missing, the worst part is, so is a local teenage girl, both disappearing the same day. So it only makes sense to many that the two are related and Rebecca stands by her husbands innocence and receives major backlash. Eventually as things progress she starts to have doubts too, its just too much coincidence.


Okay, first off, the idea behind the story was good. You feel sorry for Rebecca because even you as the reader have been brainwashed into not believing in coincidences and the harder she believes in her husbands innocence the more backlash and harassment she receives from the missing girl’s friends. The plot twist is good, I’m not going to spoil it for ya tho 😉 , and there wasn’t a fairy tale ending. Not to say the ending was bad, in this case I think the ending suited the story quite well.


The excitement was a bit on the dull side for about the first 70% of the book. When you start to reach the climax it gets interesting enough to push through to the end.


My biggest hang up was the writing. The first half of the book the sentence formation seemed choppy and fragmented. I’m not sure if was done on purpose due to the first person point of view or not but it really bugged me. It got better and flowed a bit easier through the second half of the book.


My rating for this one is a 2 out of 5 stars as the writing bugged me and though the story was good and was dark and yes there was mystery, I didn’t think it quite suited the genre of psychological thriller.


I received a copy of Reported: Missing by Sasrah Wray from Netgalley for an honest review.


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