Watch the Sky

I’m not going to lie, what caught my attention with this book was the cover. Its simple, interesting and pretty and after reading the book and as Kirsten Hubbard mentioned in her acknowledgments it is a perfect summation of Jory’s story.

Jory is a quiet boy who keeps to himself at school he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself or his family, he is hiding in plain sight. Caleb, Jory’s stepfather, has a secret knowledge that must be kept within the family. A danger is coming, all the signs say so, at least that’s what Caleb says and Jory trusts Caleb, and they must protect the family.

Watch the Sky is an interesting story. A coming of age tale about a boy who starts to question his reality. In the end I was afraid I’d was going a bit too dark but after pushing on a light was shone.

As kids we are taught not to question authority. But in this story it is encouraged. Ask what if. But don’t trust everything you hear. I know it sounds a bit contradictory but for this story it works.

There is an air of mystery not only surrounding the “danger” but also surrounding Jory’s little sister Kit. She’s a spunky little thing and a very dynamic secondary character. I would have liked to have a little sister like her, though I love my brothers and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Over all Watch the Sky was easy to read yet interesting and complex at the same time. I give it a sturdy 3.5 out of 5 stars.

So my little booklings if you want to read a book that makes you question, “what if…?” give Watch the Sky, this may be your sign that this should be your next read!


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