Picture This

Picture This is the 3rd book in the Birds of a Farther series by Lena North. This book brings us back to the birds more than the second book, Sweetwater, did.


Mary is a petite girl who just doesn’t have faith that good things can happen to her or that things could ever stay good for her. Her boyfriend and her just do not have the spark that either of them deserve and therefore she breaks up with him and that event sets a chain of events rolling that puts her in danger, but it also unleashes a passion that she has been putting aside for 10 years.


Miller has resisted the temptation that is a feisty little girl for years. He just can’t cope with the fact he is much older then Mary and stands aside as she dates his nephew. But after their break up Mary disappears and he is confronted with the feelings he has hidden for so long.


As things begin to unravel for the couple Mary finds a new hope for happiness and is even able to shed some light on the mystery that Hawker and his gang have been trying to piece together.


I love how this story brings us back to the families and their connection to the birds. The romance is sweet and the age thing doesn’t bother me as Mary is NOT a child. The flow and dynamic of Picture This was on par with the first in the series, Wilder. I love how Mary overcomes her insecurities and shows us her feisty side, the girls got attitude! But in a fun non snobby way.


The ONE thing I absolutely loathed was Miller’s use of the word “baby”! By the end of the book I think I wanted to slap him if he said it one more time. He used it is several different “tones” and it just rubbed my the wrong way. Like she should be channelling Jennifer Gray or something.


I hope that as the series continues we will have more direct use of the birds that this story has. I find it unique and fun.


As for the rating I had to take a star off for all the “baby” so I’m giving it a solid 3 out of 5. Better than Sweetwater not as good as Wilder, but getting there. Its still worth checking out my little booklings.


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.


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