Bad Penny (MA)

​Bad Penny, she just doesn’t give a fuck!

This book is amazing. It mixes the feels from some of Staci Hart’s other contemporary romance, a twist of Tonic and a load of in your face funny and attitude!

Penny is a boy crazy girl who lives by one simple rule- NO more than three dates, If no one has a chance to develop feelings then no one can get butthurt or go crazy. She has, almost, faithfully lived by this rule for 8 years. She was hurt once and that was all it took.

On a hot day at an icecream parlor she eye fucks a hot surfer dude while doing obscene thins to her icecream cone. It turns out this hot piece of fuckability is someone from her past.

Bodie recognised Penny immediately, true the purple hair and ink were all new, but you don’t spend two years of pinning away for someone you can’t have and not recognize them even if it has been 8 years. The way Penny worked to cone worked Bodie right up, but before he got a chance to approach her she and her friends were gone. And in New York City its fair to say chances were slim you’d run into one another again but luck was on his side when he spotted her the saw night at the club. It was obvious she didn’t recognize him though, he was a geektastic background lackey back then.

After Penny lays out the rules, no more than three dates and if you start to catch the feelings speak up, Bodie decides that he has to convince her that she should break her rules.

Bad Penny is H. O. T. And I’m not kidding. She made me want to take lessons in bad assery and take note on not giving the fucks. Her relationship with Bodie is electric but not static. Bad Penny goes from zero to Ooohhh FUCK in a heartbeat, you will NOT want to put it down!

So all my lovely booklings if your not giving the fucks and wanna fucking HOT read, then pick up Bad Penny!


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