Odd Birds


Occasionally I venture into the realm of nonfiction and dive into someone else’s life. The last biographical life I explored was about Albert Einstein and his wife. It was a romantic and humorous and I thoroughly enjoyed. it’s been a while and I can’t remember the title so whenever I dig my books out of boxes I will have to do a re read and write up on that one.


But you’re not here to hear about Einstein, you want to know about Ian Harding. Or birds?


I honestly didn’t recognize Ian as the adorable Ezra Fitz until I received my book in the mail and saw his adorable mug on the cover. And yes, I am a fan of Pretty Little Liars (PLL), its a guilty pleasure of mine. So if you are a fan of Ian’s or birds or people with interesting lives, I fall into all, then you will probably enjoy reading Odd Birds.


Odd Birds is an autobiographical story that encompasses bits of Ian’s life from childhood to PLL. Its full of bird related adventures  with friends and antidotes from childhood. He discovered early in his childhood that he liked watching birds. He had an adolescent phase, as we all do, where things were awkward and birding was uncool but rediscovered his passions as a young adult. Even made new friends based on this interesting hobby. He compares some of life’s situations with birds and their habits and I found it immensely interesting.


Its refreshing to know how someone thrust into stardom can be so normal, so innately human. You sometimes forget that actors are 1) not their characters and 2) that they are real people, human beings just like you and me.

Odd Birds is fun, interesting and delightful. It was extremely easy to read and I recommend it to any biography buff, Pretty Little Liar fan or birding fan.


Or, my little booklings, just to get out of your comfort zone.


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