All About the D

Okay first I’d like to say sorry for my absence, I have been in a bit of a reading slump. It hasn’t taken me so long to read a book that I thoroughly enjoy before, and that I did.

Lex Martin and Leslie McAdams are a masterful erotic romance writing duo. They may have had the perfect inspiration and the perfect cover model, but the novel itself is awesome.



Evelyn Mills is a damn good attorney and has worked hard to be in the position she is in. Lined up to possibly become the next partner in her firm she can NOT afford to fall in love with one of her clients. It doesn’t matter that he is so incredibly sweet and that, thanks to his NSFW blog, he is sexy as hell! But after deciding that her heart, nor her body, couldn’t take not being with him they decide to pass his case to another attorney in the firm. But before that has happened all hell breaks loose and Evie is left alone and possibly without a job.


Joshua Cartwright is the youngest son of Portland’s most prestigious family. He has gone through life being second best behind both of his brothers, granted he has a thriving architect business, he just doesn’t seem to measure up, especially to is brother Stephen who is running for a Senate seat. But there is something his family doesn’t know about him, something that would embarrass the family name, that something happens to be BIG, very big!


That is why he hires Evie, to protect his assets and keep his name from being publicly linked to his blog, All About the D. As its name suggests it is not safe for work but it is extremely popular and be coming quite lucrative on it’s own. He has been approached by sex toy companies to brand his impressive Mr. Wang and also needs Evie to broker the deal and deal with the contracts. But when he meets with her he looses his head and wants to throw caution to the wind even if the results means he has to pass his case to another lawyer, yet one more person who will know his secret. But, the truth has been revealed before precautions are made and he feels the need to distance his disgrace from Evie in hopes of salvaging her career.

In the end he decides to be open about who he is but shut down the blog and be with the woman he loves. Evie decides that she really hated her job anyway and found she has a passion for renovations. The two are perfect in work and play. But Josh’s lil dude gets his screen time, even if its for Evie’s eyes only.



I was bursting at the seems trying not to laugh out loud when I first started reading All About the D. I have read a few rom-coms and most are not that funny. This? This was gold! It was funny and it had the feels.

My only problem would be with Evie’s overwhelming lack of confidence. From body shaming to non existing mothers to jerk exes, she has all the issues, that take a toll on her self confidence. It was a tid bit cliché.

Josh, oh sexy Josh! His demeanor was very authentic. I hate when I get the “Fabio” vibe of romance heroes, seriously makes me wanna barf. I love that he has this quirky thing he does and that makes him a little different, even if IR feeds his very masculine ego, as it probably would with any man.


So I’m just going to demand, my little booklings, that you go read this funny as hell sexy romp. You won’t regret it. Just try not to eat or drink because you might just spit or choke, and we don’t want that.



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