Shadows of the Forest


A pact was made…

A life for a life…

This young adult fantasy novel had me sightly confused in the end, but in a good way! Shadows of the Forest follows Lily on her quest to save the life of her twin brother, Cole. She wakes in a strange hospital to the news that her brother sacrificed himself for her life after a horrible accident and now in a coma and on his death bed Lily will do whatever it takes to save his life, even trade her life to the spirit realm.

From Lily’s point of view we we what happens when the bonds of a twin are tested. When death pulls and is fought. Lily will become one with the spirit realm to save Cole’s life. But in the end was she fighting for Cole’s life or her own?

This book is full of colorful characters and wondrous places. It has you facing very real questions about mortality and afterlife, but in a fanciful arena.


Though fantasy isn’t my usual foray I am branching out. Broadening my horizons so to speak. That being said I found the book to be just fanciful enough. I also give kudos to Emma Michaels for writing a book that makes you think in the end.


My consensus is 4 our of 5 stars!

So my little booklings, if you find yourself contemplating the spirit realm or consciousness after death, etc, I think you would thoroughly enjoy this read.


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