The Idea of You


The Idea of You is a different kind of love story. I suppose technically it is literary fiction or women’s literature. It is a story of love, loss and acceptance. Though not a show stopper I did like the story and felt it strum a thread within my soul.

Lucy is our lead character and she finds the love of her life at a fairly late age in life. She is a successful woman who is full of insecurities and throughout the book those insecurities tend to not only get the better of her but become worse.


girl sits in depression on floor near the wall

She is pulled into a cycle of depression that deepens with every miscarriage that makes her question her abilities in all aspects of her life as well as regrets for the past.

Woven throughout the novel is a letter that Lucy is writing to the daughter she wishes she had.

The Idea of You is touching and poignant. It is a solid 3 out of 5 stars.
If you have found yourself digging out from under depression or dealing with the aftermath of miscarriage this novel could help you cope with those things. If you want to read something that doesn’t fall under the category of romance but still has the feels here ya go, The Idea of You, is for you!



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