I have a confession… I love Colleen Hoover! I have yet to read anything she wrote and not like it. I have another confession it is only the 2nd full length novel of hers I’ve read and I’m a CoHort for life! Though I own several more that I just can’t wait to read!

So on to Confess, if you haven’t guessed already, I really liked this book.


Auburn Reed is trying to do everything she can to keep her life on track and in order so that she can regain custody of her son AJ. That plan did not involve falling in love, especially with Owen Gentry and his complicated life.


Owen Gentry, never really believed in fate, not until she showed up at the door of his studio. Not having been good with relationships he finds himself falling in love with Auburn. But, the timing is all wrong because his life just got extremely complicated.


Then there is Adam, who is woven throughout the entire story even without his “physical” presence. You could say he brings Auburn and Owen together.


I love how flawed these characters are. I love the way Colleen writes. I love this book!


I was contemplating what Colleen book to read next, thinking I would go with It Ends With Us, but decided on Confess when it came out that there would be a TV series produced by Awestruck released on (Which I totally binged after finishing reading the book (and it was just as awesome, btw)). It was being so hyped up I just had to go with this one. Besides I needed to read it before I watched it so I got my library to order it in for me. It ended up getting here the day before we left on vacation, so I guess you know what I was reading on the beach!


I fell in love with Own Gentry myself! Especially after putting Ryan Cooper’s handsome face behind the name. Katie Leclerc played the part of Auburn, which was pretty awesome. I love her in Switched at Birth which I am sad to say has just had its series finally. Yeah, I kinda like that show.


And is actual art to go along with the story. Owens masterpieces have come to life with the talent of Danny O’Connor and it is phenomenal! This painting for Confess is my favorite…


(I put the quotes on it, also my favorite quote from the book!)

Well, my little booklings, do you have a confession  😉 ???


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