Strictly Fantasy is a new genre for me. Though I found I liked the story it seemed to be very long. But as far as fantasy goes this one being on the dark side, was pretty good.


Katty, our heroine is faced with a multitude of trials and hard decisions. First, being a woman, shieldmaiden, in a very male driven occupation. She finds herself as part of a guard of a caravan headed north and shortly after things start to go awry. She goes on a journey that not only changes who she believed her mother to be but also ends up changing Katty as well.

After things go terribly wrong all she wants to do is get back to her family of cousins and right the wrongs she believes she caused along the way. But nothing is as she left it and she is not quite sure she has what it takes to save her home and family despite her newly discovered talents.


In the end it comes down to her life or her mother’s. Will she be able to destroy the woman that brought her into this world, save her very soul? Or will she have to kill her due to the heartless monster she has become?

Will her mother make the ultimate sacrifice to gain ultimate power?


You will have to read Winterskin to find out. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. So my little booklings, if you want to dive into some fantasy, give Winterskin a chance!


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