At first Julia hates the idea of a male roommate. This was not the plan, but she can’t go back to her uncles and her aunts disapproving gestures so she’ll deal with it.

348s (2)

Giles is a notorious womanizer of late and would love nothing more than to make his new roomie squirm.


A prank war ends in the two actually becoming best friends but they continually fight the chemistry and magnetic pull between them.


A roommate to friends to lovers novel that is sweet as cotton candy. There were moments that were pretty funny during the prank wars and some of those ideas I might have to tuck away to use someday!

636042063351450019-793573314_sanddy eggo

I enjoyed the chemistry and emotional upheaval that this pair goes through. It is fun and entertaining and sweet. If you are looking for your HEA you will fi d it here. Though there is nothing really setting it apart in the genre I can still say that it was a good story.

I’m going with 3 out of 5 stars.

Stay sweet my lil booklings!


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