Hold You Against Me


A Las Vagas mafia princess, the foot soldier’s son. Both want to escape the mob life. One finds freedom at the expense of the other, the other becomes the boss.


After escaping the confines of her father’s empire Clara and her sister finally lead the lives that they dreamed of, well almost. Clara can’t fully live the life she’s dreamed of because the man she loved died a long time ago, but her life is normal and she has her art. Until she is kidnapped by the current mob Capo to be one his wife.

Giovanni has survived what no human should have ever survived. Now he is on the top of the pecking order. He has the money and power, everything he should want, except her. The woman that has plagued his mind for years. The woman who’s bloodline can secure his position in the family. Until he decides to just take what he wants.


I am not generally into mob/gangster love stories but this one was pretty good. I could barely put it down!
Skye Warren is definitely a master of the genre!


So, my e booklings, if you want to get down and dirty with a really bad boy, get your eye muscles trained on Hold You Against Me. Because I give this a resounding 4 out of 5 stars.


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