Pivotal Moments

Well that was sweet.
Pivotal Moment was a sweet contemporary romance, for highschool girls, maaaaayybe early college age. It was a little bit immature for my tastes. The main character is a 17year old girl who is terribly insecure. In fact her insecurities were all over the place to the point that it was almost annoying. The guy, perfect specimen of man apparently, is 22 and her brothers college roommate. He calls her babe, baby, sweetie, sweetheart and honey after nearly everything he says annoyance #2! I get having an endearment with a lover but usually its just one, not the whole dictionary and not at the end of everything he says. It was just way too much. I seriously wanted to throttle Aislin and Reagan both!


After an incident at the lake the two can’t deny the chemistry between them. they also bond over Reagan’s dog who seems to like Aislin when he usually doesnt like or listen to anyone but Reagan. They were really sweet together and other than the annoyances I stated above I liked the characters. Well, Aislin’s brother not so much, he was a class A jerk.


Aislin has been accepted to her number one college, University of Florida, the school her father went too and Reagan and her brother currently attend. The two take off for a campus tour and Aislin is introduced to Reagans friends, and not so friends. And again Aislin’s insecurities get the best of her. And her jerk brother acts like the two of them going off together was a huge mistake and he doesn’t trust his friend and roommate with his sister.


The story’s backbone was good. It did hold entertainment value and I didn’t hate it. It had a bit of a mean girls vibe that was fun too. But like  said it was sweet.


I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

And be sweet to one another my little booklings!


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