Forsaking Gray

I finished Forsaking Gray just over twelve hours ago. This book is so incredibly raw and heart breaking. Once I started I really didn’t want to put it down but 20% in, it was late and I needed sleep. Last night I read the remaining 80%! I refused to go to bed without knowing the fate of Gray, Livia and Grant! To say this book will rip you heart out might almost be an understatement.


Livia, a Detroit waitress, knew that Gray was her soulmate as soon as their eyes met at Rocky’s Pizza. To Gray the feeling was mutual. But Livia felt she was not good enough for him and refused to see him, until he showed up at her work every day being very persistent. That started dating and were so in love, then Livia disappeared. Gray was broken and he threw himself into running his fathers company.

Broken, that is until he laid eyes on her five years later. She wanted nothing more than to be with her soulmate but the secrets of the past five years will keep them from being able to be together and be happy.


But she tries anyway. Much yo Grays twin brothers’ dismay. And for a few brief weeks things were perfect until Gray learned the secret to why Livia had disappears so many years ago. Not giving too much away here but trust me I probably would have tried to keep that past in the past too!


But you know love always finds a way!


So, my little booklings, if you are in the mood for a gut wrenching book that will make you raw and possibly keep you up all night check out

Forsaking Gray!


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