Dark Feather

I am challenging myself in several book challenges. One the good ol goodreads 2017 reading challenge and a smaller PR firm has set up a challenge for February. This book, Dark Feather, is one of the books required for the February challenge. If it weren’t for this particular challenge I would probably have never read this book, but I am glad I am.

A dystopian setting where the earth is a frozen tundra in the clutches of a severe ice age, Dark Feather is an erotic Dom/sub novel. I’m not usually into dom/sub stuff but it was interesting to read for a bit of something different. I would warn people who are sensitive to sexual violence to shy away from this book because of the undertones with the Dom behaviour.

In the frozen wasteland the earth has become blue-green algae is the main source of food and the main source for scientific change. There are two factions who emerge, the Cyans and the Pennas. Through science the Penna have discovered a way to mutate humans to develop feathers that keep them warm and the serum is based off the blue-green algae.

The Cyans use the algae as their main food source. As these two groups of people disagree war breaks out and this is our setting.

Our heroine is a deserter female from the Penna forces and becomes trapped by a group of Cyans. She proves herself as an alli rather than foe and joins the ranks of the Cyan warriors fighting against people she used to fight beside. In a band of snowmobiles the Cyans fight and begin to overpower the Penna faction. Of coarse the relationship comes between her and the Commander of this group she has fought with. 

As I was reading this I couldn’t help but picture the sexy Jason Mamoa as Commander Rigby. Everything about his character projected his image in my mind, not that its a bad image but I swear Alta is a fan and wrote this just for him! And I don’t even watch Game of Thrones, yet!

It is all very interesting and I liked it very much. I almost wish there was a sequel! But this is a stand alone which I am also thankful for, I don’t want to start a series right now! Though, I might just find more to read from our author, Alta Hensley.

So my little booklings, if you are looking for a change of pace, pick up dark feather, you won’t regret it!


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