Detecting Envy


This book is freaking HOT! There’s no easing in between the sheets on this one, it just plunges right on in!
So yeah, super sexy, and yes it is erotica, but it didn’t read like a porno in a book. It actually had a good storyline to go along with it.

Detective Lane is super sexy and is showing his new partner the ropes as they work a high profile rape case. Lt. Ashley Hart has lusted after him for years but has never done anything but flirt with him, and now she’s his partner! But she gets a big surprise in the form of Zee, Lane’s beautiful yoga instructor wife, yeah she didn’t see that coming. Lane is totally in love with his wife and the have a very healthy sex life. Zee does feel the need to stake a claim after meeting his new partner though and behaves like another person in bed. Little does she know she helped Lane put the pieces of his case together.


So super sexy, good storyline and well written. Hey booklings Did I mention it was super sexy?!?!?


On a side note, if you ever find yourself in the position of a victim do not hesitate to ask for help, do not hesitate to report. You have the power do not let anyone ever take that from you!




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