The Sun and the Moon


I am going to be completely honest. I have been in Leslie McAdam’s southwinds  group on face book for almost a year. I won a giveaway she was hosting and gave the group a shot. I realized that there were a bunch of fun, crazy ladies, and a few dudes there and decided to stay. This is the first book of Leslie’s I have actually read. I have been trying to win giveaways featuring her books, and especially this title (I got a thing for celestial stuff). I was so excited to see one of my top my wish list books on this book challenge I am participating in. Yay!!!!

Now on to the reviewy  stuff!

Amelia is a confident lawyer on the outside and an emotional wreck on the inside. Fighting against depression she has felt numb for the last few years.

Ryan owns Southwinds coffee shop which happens to be near a court building. Coffee and surfing is his passion but he is also the heir to a pharmaceutical large firm and had to take the reigns early in life as both of his parents passed away. Amelia also happens to be the girl he most longed to have she he was a freshman in high school. So imagine his surprise when she walks into his coffee shop before trying a case.

Things heat up near instantly for Amelia and Ryan (can you say supply closet???) because the chemistry between these two is off the charts. Ryan has Amelia breaking all of her own rules! But she still wonders if she can trust him with her fragile heart.

I was expecting something a little different in this book. It is a romance at heart but mostly is an erotica novel. But it is a well written one so even though the book has a great deal of sex in it, it also has a good story plot.
It was a nice break from all the emotionally heavy books I have been reading. Though it did touch on some depression and mentioned suicidal ideations, for the most part it was exciting and humorous.
I hope to read more Leslie McAdams in the future. And I’ll give this particular book 3/5 stars.

Since this book did mention depression and suicide I would like to take a moment to say that I have been there. In fact Amelia sounded so much like me it was scary! Most people go through life without knowing true depression but some know all too well the emptiness and dread that can sometimes be very debilitating. Mental illness has become more out in the open in recent years and less stigmatized. I implore you, if you feel depressed or suicidal please seek help. I can not say this enough, you are NOT alone.

And on that rather somber note I am going to bid you goodnight my little booklings!


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