A Thousand Letters


I am an emotional wreck! This the third book in a row that I have read that was so wonderfully written that I have trouble keeping my emotions in check. You know its going to be great from the first sentence. It pulls you in and makes you want to stay up all night reading.

During the end of ones life, and its known they’ve got just weeks to live, is a tough time by itself for all involved but add in all the feels of heartbreak and complicated relationships and you have an emotional roller coaster. I usually dont do roller coasters I get motion sick to easily, but this, I can definately handle.

This is the premise of A Thousand Letters. Elliott’s best friend Sophie’s father has become deathly ill and sets into motion events that brings Wade home. Not only Sophie’s brother but Elliott’s ex fiancé and the one man that has always held her heart and soul. Wade has been off to war for seven years and the hurt he feels seeing Elliott after all those years is as sharp and deep as the first day he left. He doesn’t want her there but she has every right to be there because not only is she Sophie’s best friend but his father, Rick a literature professor, was a mentor and close friend to her.
These two are so deeply damaged by what they did to each other in the past that they are in and out like the tide. But they try to keep face in front of Rick. Everyone sees the tension including Rick who offers his advice to live, just live life fully, though to each separately. It seem that the whole situation would not have happened if they were able to fully communicate with one another to begin with, but then we wouldn’t have had a story. Of coarse there was all the coinciding drama of Elliott’s family that was entertaining and man did they piss me off! Yeah, more feels!

Staci Heart’s best book yet! A Thousand  Letters packs an emotional punch! I can’t express how much feels this book gave me. I had tears streaking down my face more times than not. I felt sadness, grief, anger and joy by reachibg the end of this book.

A thousand Letters is a second chance romance that shatters you heart over and over before you get to piece it back together just to be broken again! Finally Staci Heart gives us some super glue for the pieces when we get our happy and ever after ending.

5out of 5 gut wrenching stars!!!

This book will shatter your heart my little booklings, but don’t worry a happy ending will be a salve to your soul!


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