North Star


This book has all the feels. I literally cried tears of sadness as well as tears of joy as I progressed through this book! There were times I wanted to reach in and strangle some characters and other times I wanted to give hugs and on more than one occasion I wanted to bitch slap the crap outta someone, the author included because I was all geared up for a happy ending and bam! A tragic F’N CLIFFHANGER! I mean COME ON!

But seriously this book is great but you better be prepared to spend some more money on the rest of the series. Which I don’t have the money for right now so guess who is left in the lurch at the moment! ME! GAH!

The main characters are very genuine and rich. The antagonists are richly horrible. M. E. Montgomery’s writing is beautiful and I love, love, loved this book, until the cliffhanger! I literally yelled “oh, that bitch!” (Meaning the author) but that is a mark of a great author to illicit such knee jerk reactions and emotions.

Alex, a brilliant architect, has found himself unexpectedly in the role of father when his twin sister and her husband dies in a car accident.

Kayla, a kindergarten teacher, is emotionally damaged from not ever finding a man who would treat her right. Then fate lands Kayla in Alex’s lap and a beautiful relationship grows. And that relationship grows, hopefully, into a family.

4.5 of 5 stars seriously that cliffhanger really miffed me! 😉
Seriously if you like sweet contemporary romance books that illicit emotion you HAVE to read this book! My little bookings, go get North Star!


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