School of Hard Knox

I hate to be critical of any book. Because, I know this book, like most, is the baby created by the hands and mind that created it. But I couldn’t call myself an honest, honest to goodness, reviewer if I did not create critical reviews of books that I think critically of. I almost didn’t write my review because I didn’t want to be seen as mean and I just thought I don’t have to review everything I read right? But then I thought that I would be doing a disservice to review readers and probably the author too. Authors may not like a negative review but constructive criticism can be a valuable tool to help build on the base that an author has created.


Hard Knox was hard for me to swallow, puns totally intended! 😜 It was written as a single point of view but switched between the singular view of two characters, so I guess a dual POV. That was the first thing that drove me crazy. Secondly, the majority of the paragraphs were short and barely two sentences in some cases. Without researching the author I would say this is a valiant first attempt at writing, whether it be this type of book or her first book all together (well it’s the third in a series, sooooo….). It was a little choppy and in the end felt incomplete. There was a little bit of a mafia plot along side the romance, which was a love at first fuck kind of of thing, which I really don’t care for either. Like, “hi how are you? lets tumble! now were in love! “

Besides the sex and violence, which were very descriptive (a plus), there was little substance to this book.
So it was like reading a mafia porn! Which apparently isn’t my thing.

I give it a 2/5 stars.


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