It Started with Goodbye


Not entirely what I was expecting.
I loved the cover art when I saw it and then read the synopsis. I know, I know, “don’t judge a book by its cover”! I am very guilty of doing just that as that is what grabbed my attention first. After reading its synopsis I put it on my Netgalley wish list and the publisher granted my wish. The synopsis makes the story seem like it is going to be a dark low key thrilling kind of book and that it is not. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. It is really a book about truth, family relationships and trials of friendship. Its a good book for teens and maybe young adults. I happen to like almost all genre of book in some capacity so though it wasn’t what I expected it was still worth reading. I also have no clue what the title has to do with this at all because events get rolling well before there are any goodbyes. And there ally isn’t any permanent goodbyes either.

It Started with Goodbye explores the trials of friendship after a major life altering event and the relationship of a stepfamily, that may just be misunderstood. Tattum is our darling self absorbed teenager who finds more than herself during the worst summer of her life after she is arrested and charged with a from she did not commit. Her sentence? A hefty fine and community service, invasive plant removal from the park.

Practically on house arrest and her dad out of the country she struggles with how to connect with her best, or former, best friend, her stepmother who is over barring and her disappointed father. She starts a graphic design business which she keeps a secret for some reasdon, finds new friends and finds a new understanding of the stepmother she thought hated her. And along the way she also finds the perfect boyfriend, so was her summer really all that bad?

I will give this a 3.5/5 rating and hope that the publishers will tone down the synopsis to be more aligned with what the story is actually about.

Be well my little booklings !


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