I going to be honest, I had trouble starting this book and getting into it at first and I don’t know why. I started several times and put it as side for other things, I guess I just wasn’t quite ready for it. But once I started this time I had no trouble starting where I left off because I remembered what I had read before. See it was interesting enough to eber! It was mysterious and magical right from the beginning so I’m really not sure why it took so many attempts to get into this book but I am glad that I finally dove in.

This time once I got started I could barely put it down. This book seems to have it all. Mystery, intrigue, romance, MAGIC.

The vagabond circus operated like a family. There was very much a family dynamic, the rebellious teens, shy children, loving nurturing motherly figure, the father figure and a beloved uncle figure.  But there is something special about the people who become members of this circus. Every person has, or will have, a special talent born to them because they belong to a little known race called dream travelers. This specialty is one of the things that keep them close. Little did this circus community know that their world was about to be changed forever seemingly with the appearance of a new standoffish and secretive member.

Finnley the boy with no last name and the newest member of the circus shields his secrets. Others seem to trust him, like him even, without knowing why, especially since he tries to stay distant. He has a mission and cannot afford to be distracted, because distraction could be deadly. Keeping from being distracted is not so easy when he is magnetically attracted to Zuma. The chemistry they share can be felt by an entire big top full of people and their role has remade the success of the circus. But then Finnley allows himself one precious moment to break down his walls and that was all it took and the damage is irreparable.


Zuma has always been the magnetic center of attention. Everyone seems to love her but she is as guarded as they come. Getting involved with a member of the circus would break all the rules and she loves the circus and its owner, who is like an adoring uncle to her, more than anything. So when Finnley shows up she has mixed feelings for the stranger who makes her feel things she never has before. Torn by what she thinks is love, her love of the circus and her new feelings for Finnley she starts to think that she may always be a stranger to true happiness. And that feeling is affirmed when the worst thing imaginable happens and she knows she could never forgive the man who is her true love.


Suspended is the first instalment of the Vagabond Circus series and if you don’t have all of them before reading this one you will definitely want them after reading it because it definitely leaves you wanting more (Aka big cliff hasnger)! Sara Nofke has written a magical story that could quite possibly be relatable reality. Usually if you read about magic then its pure fantasy and there are thing like witches and vampires and stuff, but these character are human in every way. The way she spins the story makes you think that this could be reality.

There was a level of angst in several relationships, not just the romantic ones, that had my emotions on high. The verse is visually appealing and it was incredible to read. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who has a love of magic or circus stories as I do. Thank you Sara, for the Vagabond Circus!


Have a fun and magical day my lil’ booklings!


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