As I venture out from my run with romance I have read a couple Neil Gaiman books. I loved Neverworld and would like to venture to that world again. Coraline is touted as a children’s book but it is entertaining and dark enough to satisfy adults like myself.
I am trying to keep my mind firmly on the pages for this review because I not too long ago watched the film. The film is fairly close to the book so I’m sure I can manage.


Coraline is a story of a girl who is often left to her own devices and gets board. She likes to explore and is really a bright child. On one particular rainy day she goes exploring her home and comes across a curious door. Her mother shows her that there is nothing behind it but a brick wall. Soon enough strange things begin to happen had Coraline is drawn to the curious door.

On the other side of the door Coraline finds her Other Mother and that is when things get really creepy. Things seem perfect in the beginning like she wishes her family would be. But things aren’t as they appear and she finds out the other mothers true motivations and wants to leave. The problem is the other mother stole her real parents and she has to save them. And through this adventure she comes to appreciate the parents she has.

I found it an entertaining read and I enjoy the dark twist to Gaiman’s fairy tales. As for children I would recommend that they be at least third grade to appreciate the genius of it and to appreciate its moral. As an adult it also has a lesson. Hold your children, love and don’t ignore them. There are also lessons in bravery and this is my favorite line from the book:



So go be brave my little booklings!


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