Too Late

***Spoilers Ahead***

*this book contains topics of domestic and sexual abuse that may be a trigger for some people though I tried to keep it to a minimum for the review*

I was gifted an ecopy of this book bc an awesome cohort read a comment I wrote about how I couldn’t get it. (Thank You, Brenda!)


I was in the middle of another book that was dragging (Geesh!) and I really wanted to start this one. The night I finished the other book, and by the time I was finished writing its review it was nearly 1 am and I had to force my self to not start this book right then, I mean I had to get SOME sleep! So the first thing I did after oversleeping and rushing my son to school was to open up Too Late and dive in. I got settled on the couch, read the first line and then my baby woke up! The universe seemed to be against me!

After I finally got to start reading I read the first 40% of the book in the first setting, granted I didn’t get to bed until after 1last night! I finished the rest the next day, or so I thought. Epilogue, okay well there is still a lot to this book. Then the prologue, wait what?!? Shouldn’t that have been at the beginning?!? Then a second epilogue, come on Colleen your killing me here. I just knew after all that there was going to be a stupid cliff hanger and I was going to have to wait ages for a sequel or something, but Colleen must have been feeling merciful because we finally got a satisfying conclusion, though my family thought it would be awesome to interrupt me while I was reading about a hundred times before I could buckle down and finish the last little stretch! Then finally I made it through! I’m not sure what kind of twisted mind Colleen Hoover has, but she sure as hell delt Sloan one awful hand in life, the antagonist, Asa as well (almost, almost, made you feel sorry for him), I’m going to stop my review here for the night while I contemplate what I just read. I really liked it but I need to express my review worthy of this book.


(^I did not make this^)

I wanna start by breaking down the three main characters for a minute.
Asa. He is not your typical narcissist. He is cruel in a way that he doesn’t even realize. He has no moral compass. He knows his “profession” is illegal but he thinks he is a genius and above the law. His love for Sloan is completely obsession.

(^This song hit right on Asa’s character^)

Sloan is a girl that had to grow up before she should have with a mother that was pretty much useless that had twin boys born with disabilities that Sloan had to take care of. Life has dealt her a shitty hand but she made the best of it and was able to find a way to go to college. Then she meets Asa. She hates the person she has become since being with Asa, not to mention she is starting to hate Asa too, but she has no place to go so she plans to stick it, and the selfish one sided sex, out through college then move on and make a better life for her and her brother.



Carter/ Luke an undercover detective, with his partner, have infiltrated Asa’s business. Due to his position he is not supposed to get involved with Sloan. But he just cant help it. Despite the fact that she is Asa’s girlfriend, they find themselves inexplicably attracted to each other.

Carter has the line that stuck out to me and is my absolute favorite! Love finds…

““Love,” Carter says, his voice a little more slurred and a little bit louder. “Love is not found. Love finds.”“Love finds you in the forgiveness at the tail end of a fight. Love finds you in the empathy you feel for someone else. Love finds you in the embrace that follows a tragedy. Love finds you in the celebration after the conquering of an illness. Love finds you in the devastation after the surrender to an illness.””


(^^^I made that!^^^)


(Wait, what does Point Break; great movie BTW, have to do with thing…you’ll see! 😉 )

Carter and Sloan soon can’t keep their feelings in check and Asa concocted a Point Break scheme to find out not only if his suspicions were true but who in his organization was a rat. This is when the intensity of this story goes from 30 to 1000! Yes I meant three zeros! Things are finally out in the open and you think the story is going to end and Carter gets near mortally wounded. He is saved by a mere 6 centimeters and everything seems to be happily ever after. Then comes epilogue one!

Asa slides out of going to jail for murder and is on house arrest until trial for his other transgressions and it seems Sloan and Luke will have to live their lives looking over their shoulders, not a very satisfying conclusion, right?!? Well, insert a prologue for some background history, then back to the second epilogue!

download( another movie plot twist? Maybe! Maybe not!)

Sloan finds out she’s pregnant but not knowing who the father is she is terribly torn about what to do and how Luke will handle it. With Asa out for revenge the couple is under constant surveillance in a safehouse but he still finds them and finds out Sloan is pregnant. So this is where I thought there was going to be a taking lives type angle since there was a reference to point break why not right? In the end Asa confronts Sloan planning on killing her and Luke, and rapes her. She ends up playing along just to save not only her life the the life of her baby. The final climax comes to head and Asa ends up dead, so Luke and Sloan, and the baby, are finally safe.

Domestic violence

Still Sloan worries about the paternity of her son and buys a paternity test kit for Luke. In the end Luke doesn’t care if he biologically fathered Sloans child he loves him just the same anyway and he makes a show of throwing away the paternity kit for Sloan. Sloan is relieved and loves him all the more fore it and FINALLY they get their happily ever after.

There was a lot going on yet it was easy to keep track of. This book had me enthralled and I found it very hard to put down and anoyung when I had to do so. Colleen wrote a great novel, so I will forgive her for psyching us out.

I’ll say 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Now I’m going to get serious for a minute…

didn’t talk a lot about domestic abuse or sexual violence in my review though it did have a prevalent part in the plot. Mostly the abuse that Asa dishes out to Sloan is psychological, but there are a few times where he gets violent, twice where he physically marked her and he did rape her. And as a result there were times Sloan wished for her death. I, nor Colleen Hoover, condone this type of behavior. It did make for a dynamic part of the story and without it the story would have fallen flat probably. 

Abuse in any form, Rape, assalt. None  these things are EVER okay. It is NEVER the victims fault. And there is ALWAYS HELP to be found. If you, or any one you know, even remotely feel victemized, I urge you to seek help. Seek council. Seek justice. It was not your fault. The only one at fault, even if it doesn’t get reported, is the abuser, the rapist.

So cherish your loved ones like Luke, find the strength to get out like Sloan.

And in the end, my little bookings, love finds!


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