Then Comes Love


Then Comes Love


Crazy, messy, unexpected.
This story follows three women, a mother, grandmother and adult daughter on major changes in their lives and especially their hearts.

Charlotte, the matriarch of the family, finds herself moving on into an assisted living facility leaving her 5 precious cats to live with her daughter. She absolutely hates the thought of burdening her daughter or granddaughter, so she opted for Wildflower Meadows, not that she is happy about this stage in her life. Her thoughts are that she is coming here to close out the story of her life.

Annie, Charlotte’s daughter, has just gone through a bad divorce. She has a job that is blah and as plain as she feels herself to be. When she runs into her ex and pregnant mistress on a particular bad day, starting with one of her mother’s cats, she has a bit of a breakdown after a run in with the office floosie, drops the “F” bomb which is entirely out of her character, and ends losing her job. This leaves her feeling so low and depressed that the daughter feels like she has to intervene.

Amelia, Annie’s daughter, loathes her father for what he did to her mother. Usually not lucky in relationships herself finds a man, Neville, that loves her and is a safe bet. Then as she gets engaged and gets to know his family and more of Neville himself and starts to have doubts, the fact that her grandmother is pushing the hot personal aid that helps with Charlotte’s meds onto her doesn’t help. She starts having feelings for him despite resisting those urges, which leads her to hurt Neville much the way that her father hurt her mother. She just ha so much more in common with the other man.

Then Comes Love is a fun glimpse into these three very vital lives. The dynamic between the characters is palpable. It was like visiting with some crazy relatives. I enjoyed the comradory amongst the characters. It was funny and charming. There are secrets and scares. There is hijinks involving a very fat mischievous orange cat named Butternut. Then Comes Love shows that love can be crazy and messy. It was not a fairy tale happily ever after, thought everything did work out in the end, so maybe it was, because love is not easy and sometimes its not kind.

These three women are a mess, in their homes and their heartswhich makes them seem more real and relatable. They each end up unexpectedly falling in love for the second time when neither thought that they were going to do so again. Which, given the title, was not surprising. That I think was the most unrealistic situation. I mean all three women finding a deep meaningful love at the same time, but not very unrealistic. These loves weren’t easy and it was certainly a messy, crazy process.

I give it 4 stars.

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