I finnished Wilder a few days ago but I have had problems concntrating the last couple days. So this review may seem a little disjointed.

After the death of her grandfather and mother, and finding out her dad is not her biological dad, Wilder is emersed in a family and history she never knew about. She has to get to know not only her true father but also the legacy that is her birthright.

The world Lena North created seems like it is a condensed version of earth or perhaps an undiscovered Continent. There are very distinct “tribes” of people and their distinct regions where they prefer to live. The ways of these people and the way North describes their land is very familiar and recognizable, very earthly. As I said, it could be a new Continent here on earth, but with a touch of magic.

Wilder is a product of 2 different tribes so she looks like her father with his eyes but coloration like her mother. Almost albino but with golden eyes like Hawker, he father.

Birds having been descendant of dinosaurs is scientific knowledge so being descendants of dragons is not such a leap. The build up of history which is very important to this story was very slow to come about. I mean Wilder finds the stories, and they are just stories. Wilder finds the dead man in a cave but forgets all about him for the next 40% of the book. Yes there are things going on but finding a dead guy? No one will forget that or not know that is a bug deal, therefore not forgettable. I think that was my biggest issue with the story. I love Wilders spirit but not her love at first sight relationship with Mac. I know that is how a lot of romances operate but it just isn’t practical even when magic is around. 

The birds! Okay the soul connection to the birds is pretty cool. I love how the story progresses and how it is tied to Wilder’s history.  I want to connect like that with a bird, or any animal really, wolf maybe? Dolphin?

And then there is the mug! An ordinary mug that has an important meaning and symbolism. Pink mug with purple swirls and a silver handle. It seem like such a mundane object but has its own important story. I want that mug too BTW!


I am a fan of this book and would like to continue the series as it comes. I love the lore and subtle undercurrent of magic. Out of 5 stars I give it a 3.5. There  some technical issues and I feel that the history development was a little slow, but it was a fluid read.


(Created by L. North)

Sorry for the disjointed review. Hopefully I can get back on my game after the holidays. Until then my little bookings, adieux!


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