Four Times Broken

     I finished this book earlier today and had to mull over what I want to say about it for a while. I don’t want to say this book was aweful because I did find some entertainment value in it. The sephlem and burdened bits of the story were unique and I enjoyed those twists. I tried to look up what a sephlem was but came up empty, so good job finding or making up an obscure fantastical being. But I would have to say that that is where my praises end.

    A warning to anyone who may be triggered by violence or strong alpha male and  subservient female stories this is definitely not for you. There are several instance that I felt could trigger a sexual abuse survivor.


     Tracey, our leading girl, is incredibly self centered and immature even for an 18 year old and never really matures throughout the story. Nathan, our leading guy, is the super Alfa male, but the way he treats Tracey is okay because he was born that way. NOT! Ladies, it is never okay to let a man heel you like a dog nor use forced sex as a tool. NEVER! The way that Nate treats Tracey most of the time is like a cherished doll. But then there are times when his demon shows and he is volatile and violent. We see some similarities between these two and a certain Twilight couple in their relationship. In my opinion Bella and Edward are a dream couple compared to Tracey an Nate. Tracey by becoming “bonded” to Nate as his mate not only has to subvert but has to feel like she is being ripped apart from the inside every time the two of them apart. Is she going to jump off cliffs next?  The relationship is definitely unhealthy, but the author made it so that the mate of a sephlem would always have to behave this way. There is no room for our leading lady to become a true heroine.

 Though After being bonded to Nate Tracey starts to develop super powers that is pretty cool. Like being abe to summon a fire serpent from the palm of her hand. That and night vision and super hearing. Its pretty bad ass. So I guess I did have something else positive to say.


From a technical point the story had too much going on. There were a few places where this book probably should have left off. This is the first in a series so the action could be spread out over more volumes. Between Tracey and Nate’s relationship, the parental relationship, the friends issues, one beast or another coming after them and the best friend coupling and their issues, its just WAY way too much.

I give it 2.5/5 *s.


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