Finding Jade


I have conflicting feelings regarding the book I just finished. Finding Jade by Mary Jennifer Payne was a quick and easy young adult read. On one hand it was very interesting and compelling and the other there seemed to be chunks of timeline missing, or things were happening to fast to come across as fitting a proper time line. I read 85% the first time I picked it up. I found the alternate future, almost dystopian, feel very interesting and very probable and I usually don’t care for dystopian stories. This was an ARC so I am assuming any misspelling and missing letters ect will be caught by editors.  My biggest issue was the timeline feeling off to me.

The second issue I had was that the main character, Jasmine, seemed to be a ditsy idiot. There were times quite often I  like, hello duh I saw that coming a mile away. So I guess in a way the story can be a bit predictable. I just wish that Ms. Payne had not made Jasmine do dumb. There was one plot twist that I didn’t expect but after reading was like yeah I should have seen that coming.

And this next bit is a spoiler so you may or may not want to continue….soooooooo past to the next picture 😉


My favorite part was the major plot twist where Jasmine’s nemesis actually was the hero at the end of the story. You see Mina as a bully, as a wounded soul and a snob through out the whole book. She is not even a major supporting character until the very end when she sacrifices her life for someone else’s.


On a scale of 1-5 I give Finding Jade a 3. It was entertaining and thoughtful. Even though sometimes I thought Jasmine was dumb as a box of rocks, I felt her character to be quite relatable and strong. The ageless war between and evil forces are in full effect and I am actually excited to read the next story in this series when it is available.

I bid you adieu my little booklings!


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