Gilded Cage

*****10 stars!!!!*****


Gilded Cage by Vic James is sure to be a best seller. In this what I hope is the first in a series, Vic has pulled me into a world that is not necessarily a dystopian future but an altering future based on the different outcomes of past events. Of coarse that really isn’t the point in this book but I felt it important to bring up. The people in this book are separated in a cast system with a ruling class that call themselves “Equals” yet they are far from being so, even amongst each other. The Equals are special because they have “skill” which is a supernatural force a lot like magic but not called magic.

This particular story revolves around two families, one from each cast, and how their lives coincide and clash. The Hadley family are commoners who decide to enter into their”slave days” , a period of ten years where they give up their lives to be turned into slaves at the hands of  Equals. They were supposed to all go to the same place to do their days together but the middle child, Luke, gets torn away and sent to a slave town to do hard labor where he gets entwined in the workings of revolution. The rest are set to go to the estate of the Jardines, the most  Equal family, to act as servants. The youngest, Daisy, becomes a nanny to the illegitimate child of the Jardine heir, Libby, though seemingly unskilled seems to be special though we get left in the dark about that for now. Abi I behind a secretary to the family and works closely with the only unskilled Equal alive.

Between the family dramas there is a backbone of revolution forming here. I wish this was a stand alone and all the issues were resolved already because I am impatient to know how this all ends. I was enthralled right from the start!

Every one- go read this!



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