No, this  not a Harry Potter review! This is a love triangle!

Always, by Sara Jio, is a delicate story about love, loss and soul mates. At first the book did seem a little slow and dull but picked up quickly to get to the heart of the story. You can’t help but to feel for her as Kailey confronts a past as it collides with her present. There did seem to be a build up to some great conspiracy that didn’t pan out and was anticlimactic. This story breaks your heart and mends it only to leave scars. Kailey gets her happily ever after, Cade starts to remember the life he once had and his old friend did not betray him as they had feared. In the end even Kailey’s best friend seems to have found happily ever after. Everyone I’d happy eccept Ryan. Ryan has his world broken and it’s hard to feel happy for everyone else and not feel sad for him. It makes the ending a little more relatable and little less fairy tale. Always is a tug and pull between love and loss and past and present.

Here have some classic Hollywood love triangles!


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