The Chalice of Immortality


In this final installment in the magic keepers trilogy, Nick is yet again facing terrible trials that blend Russian lore, world history and magic. But rather than saving himself or another magician in the family he is searching for a cure to save a mortal, a human man, his father.

After falling under a spell that places his father in a deep sleep of sorts hovering between life and death Nick has to find the only magical relic that can save him. The Chalice of Immortality. And like every other relic it has changed many hands over the coarse of history. It has not only been held by the great Houdini but has been in the possession of Shakespeare, Sir Author Conan Doyle and Amalia Earhart. Here is where I start to find fault in the story. The timeline from who had the chalice between Doyle and when Nick finally gets it from Amelia, seems to be backwards. The dates seem to go back in history as they seem to get closer to the chalice, when the dates should be converging toward the present. It also like all other powerful relics is sought out by the Shadow keepers, specifically the man who seems to rule or control them, Rasputin.

In the end Nick comes into his full potential as one of the three most powerful magic keepers, the most powerful, as the prophecy foretold. It is a satisfying end to the series though one question is left unanswered. Who in Nick’s biological father? I believe the hints adding up through the books, but more so in this last, hint that his father is Theo. That would be my theory anyway.

I have a soft spot for magical worlds since my introduction to Harry Potter. Those who enjoyed Rowlings series would probably like this one. These books are suited for ages 8-9ish and up. They may not be as involved and as big as Harry’s stories but for someone who is intimidated by the growing size of those books can rest assured that these are easy to read, and just as fun, exciting and magical.


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