Glimmer of hope

There is a LOT going on in this book.

Glimmer is a story about gaining freedom and where there seems to be none. From a flashback to a fierce battle for freedom, lies and truths collide. It was very exciting, once it got going after getting through the first 20% of the book. Up until that  there seemed to three different stories that had nothing in common with each other and that made it hard for me to stay tuned into the story. But once the the stories started to come together it made much more sense and became enjoyable rather than a chore to read. My advice to anyone who would read it would to hang in there. Every single character is important, each compelling in their own right especially our heroine,Sunnie. Growing up oblivious essentially to the whole world outside the walls of one of the highest security military establishments in the world; as much as she is naïve and as much scrutiny and protection she is under, certain events start to unravel her secure world. Her character is very indicative of a Marvel’s X Men character. The first mission where we see Sunnie she has a flashback that starts her questioning everything. When she meets Seth her life seems to implode, truths coming at her from all sides feelings toward a boy she’s never felt before and an overwhelming send to not trust anyone. She begins her attempts at freedom, full of curiosity about the outside world where she meets Georgie and Grame and our parallel stories converge. Though no one knew either in the beginning; through courage, desperation and sheer will for freedom they find allies and new friendships.

Though not every lose end was tied upat the end, this can be read as a stand alone due to its satisfying conclusion. Glimmer is the first in a new series by Tricia Cerrone called the  Swan files. I believe it is a good start. Hopefully most of the characters have already been introduced and the following books will flow continuously, though any following books probably won’t be able to be read as stand alones.


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