The Perfect Marriage?

***Trigger Warning: this book thought not sexual in nature does deal with sensitive material that may cause some readers discomfort.***
Okay, just wow! 4 out  5 stars!Behind Closed Doors is THE psychological thriller of the season!

Is Grace and Jack’s union the perfect Marriage? He seems to think so, while Grace immediately regrets her decision and is desperate to escape! The only thing is, she can’t. Jack controls every last detail of her life with threats and menace aimed not only at her but her sister whom had Downs Syndrome. You have never dreamed of abuse and psychotic to this degree. This is deep stuff. 


The reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is 2 reasons.

1) the first chapter seems pretty stiff to me. I found it hard to get into at first. But stick with it, it gets better.
2) The Book switches between the past and present every other chapter. Which was fine at first but the closer it got to the end the past and present over lapped and was a little confusing for a minute.
Otherwise I found this to be a great read especially if you like psychological thrillers.



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