Unnatural Creatures

I guess I am not a short story kind of person. I’ve had this book for six weeks and find myself putting it aside to read other books. I read about half of it and a couple of the stories I liked, the others were not really memorable. The Sunbird and Ozioma the Wicked are the two I found most entertaining. I kind of have hit or miss relationship with Neil Gaiman. The first book I read I had high hopes for was a miss for me, that was the Ocean at  End of the Lane. But Neverwhere, I really enjoyed and may even read again someday. Though he did not quite all of these stories he selected them for this volume and I believe the Sunbird was his story. I really liked the cover though you should”never judge a book by its cover” I find myself drawn toward interesting covers. I have a Neil Gaiman children’s book I plan on reading to my son, we’ll see how that goes. 

So, if you like to read collections of short stories and also enjoy the fantasy genre then I would bet you would like this tome. I like fantasy but this, I didn’t dislike it. Like I said for me it was forgettable.



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