Me After Jojo Moyes

I’m not sure I am truly capable of giving a review of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes right this minute. I have just finished reading and I couldn’t keep the tears at bay for the last 10% off the book. I feel raw, like Jojo Moyes has ripped has out my heart and squished all the hope out of it. 


I wanted very much to see the movie but decided I wanted to read the book first, the book is usually way better anyway right? So for my birthday I got a Google play gift card and went through a LOT of trouble getting this book so that i could read it on my kindle. Lately I have been reading multiple books up to 4 at a time. But when I started Me Before You I found it hard to concentrate on other books. So I quickly finished up a couple books and just stalled out on one to dig into this one.


If you are looking for a HEA book this is not it, I repeat, no happily ever after at the end of this book. Hence why my heart feels like it’s been through a meat grinder. The Book is titled after  Louisa it is her being referred to as the me and Will is the you. The Book is told from Lou’s point of view with Will’s point of view every now and then as well as the point of view from a few other characters periodically. Jojo’s word flow easily and I found it very hard to put down to go to bed, one night I was up until 3am!


I couldn’t help but feel like I was in Louisa’s shoes. I laughed at the banter between her and Will and I cried with her throughout. When it was revealed the true reason that Lou was hired I was shocked. I was just as angry as she was.  I cheered her on as she set out to change Will’s mind.


Then near the end of the book Jojo have you a bit of hope just to yank it away again. And then one last glimmer of hope in the second to last chapter as Lou is summoned to Switzerland, maybe he had changed his mind, after all there is a sequel ?!? But no Jojo takes that tiny glimmer and snuffs it out with just one sentence “Louisa, can you get my parents” and at that moment you know there was no changing his mind. In that moment your heart shatters into a million pieces. In that moment you feel like you will never feel hope again.


Jojo, you have wrecked me! But, I’ll still read the sequel.



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