I Got Sass


*Warning: this text may contain spoilers** This is my introduction to Laramie Briscoe. I was super excited tho get the opportunity to receive an ARC of Sass. It is written in first person and seems in the beginning to be almost too first person but then it flows and reveals itself as a romance for all romance lovers. Here you have the quintessential girl and her brothers best friend love story. It touches all the elements it should have and more. It is definitely a steamy read!

Cassandra ” Sass” Straight has loved her older brother’s best friend since she hit puberty which was about the same time her father was gravely ill and passed away. With the loss of her father during her emotional formative years Sass feels like if she doesn’t let herself get too close she can protect herself from the hurt when she is left behind.

Reed Shamrock (love the name btw) thought he was perfectly happy. He built his home and business with his own two hands. He has a beautiful fiance. The perfect life for him. Or so he thought before he walked in on his fiance with her head in one of his best friends lap. How could these two people who profess to love him betray him like this. His perfect life ha crashed all around him.

After a year of licking his wounds he finds himself out the first time since that night with his remaining best friends and they run into none other than the back stabbing duo. 

And this it’s where things get interesting with a plan to pretend to be an item to intact revenge Sass and Reed put on a show. And it works until it backfires and emotions become all too real.

Can these two get past their pasts to find the love and happiness in each other? That they belong together as every one else sees so plainly?

“…if it hadn’t been for his dick in her mouth, I would have never gotten a little Sass in mine.”
This ending line of Sass is the perfect one sentence summary of this story and probably my favorite in the whole book.


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