A Peek Inside


So I guess this is the first blog entry that is not a review, YAY! I am currently reading a collection of short stories put together by Neil Gaiman, and yes he wrote some of them too. But as I am very entertained by this book I am actually posting, on a whim, about the object that lies within it’s pages. It is small, flat and looks like the cover of a Leslie McAdams book. Well it is my unintended bookmark. I recieved a SWAG pack a couple months ago with bookmarks and such featuring Leslie’s books. This object that I am using as a bookmark is not actually a bookmark, but a magnet! Out of a handfull of bookmarks and a couple magnets i recieved in said SWAG package is the Sun and the Moon book cover magnet, and this my bookish friends, is what I am using to mark my progress through Unnatural Creatures.




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