Erotic Don’t!

Yes it was entertaining and yes it was kind of HOT. But, that’s as far as I can go with this terribly unrealistic Novella, Erotic Duel Seduction Game.


Cassie is caught between two brothers, identical twins, for the affections of her heart. She at one time had a very brief affair with Brett but her love was for Jeffrey. She plans to much to Bretts dismay and he has a plan. During the celebrations Cassie finds Jeffrey in the pool house and proceed to have a little honeymoon preview, but to her horror finds she had just fooled around with her brother in law. Now she is angry, confused and doesn’t know who she wants.

Okay so let me start there, sure the brothers are identical twins but they do not have identical personalities. There is no way she would have not known this was not her husband whom she had been intimate with many times. That is just not going to happen.

Okay, brother in law is better at sex but she loves her husband. So what does she do.

Soooooooo, yeah let’s have an affair, b*tch!

But then the dumbest thing EVER happens. The brothers have a sex duel, hence the duel (imaginative).

1) if she doesn’t know which one is her husband, b*tch has got to go, buh-bye
2) the f*ck if that is ever going to happen! Yes blindfold me and cuff me to the bed then one brother comes in and plays and I get a break then the next comes in and has a go at it, and then I got to choose which lay was better. Choose which brother was which in the bedroom.
So now she knows who is who, like she didn’t before?!? Yeah, right! And still ends up with her husband because he was the one that tried to please her. See! All about her. I want to slap her, hell I want to slap them all!


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